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Why are some better at math than others?

I’ll start off by saying I’m the worst at math..

I used to wonder how it came so easy to others and I had to really work for it. I was always in remedial classes and I still had to study a lot.

It’s that way with health too. Some people lose weight easily and others don’t. For me I struggle with depression.

We can’t excel at everything, that’s what makes us diverse and interesting. It may not feel that way; it’s uncomfortable to struggle even though it’s the root of growth.

I’m currently going through a medication change. Which so far is seeming like another med change on the horizon.

It’s included a ton of fatigue, lack of motivation and interest, a hard time showering, and panic attacks.

That’s the truth.

It sucks.

But medications help me start the first step. I have to take all of the others. Like math, I have to work for it.

During my very first counseling session I was asked what my hobbies are, I had no idea. Today I know some and they will be my first steps to working at my depression.

So my advice would be to when you’re ready make a list of hobbies that’d you’d like to try, and if you aren’t ready yet-thats okay the most important thing you can do is be kind to yourself.

Hobbies/Steps to Try

Volunteer with animals




Today I signed up for volunteering with animals and I read, I didn’t want to but I did it. Tomorrow I might do more or less but I’ll be kind.


11 thoughts on “Why are some better at math than others?”

  1. Cats are fabulous! Every home should have at least ten! I absolutely love reading and follow some fab blogs for recommendations so if you ever want to talk books, shout! I also love to cook (and not just to prank people!) so I think weโ€™ll get a long great!!


  2. Hi Alissa, thanks for following my blog and welcome to WordPress.
    It’s very true that the most difficult thing to do is start something, but by making small changes we can have some influence over our mood. Can I ask what volunteering you’re going to be doing? My older son and I recently started helping at a pony sanctuary, it has such a healing vibe and we really enjoy it.
    Great photos, especially the hiking selfie, amazing scenery.
    Speak soon, Karen.


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