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Sunday Blues

I’ve had a sinus infection for over a week. My mind has had a lot of boredom and anxiety.

I’ve been off work for 10 days. I was dreading going back to work not for any specific reason it just felt uncomfortable.

The night before I had plans to go to a sound bath, but it ended at 9pm and that was close to when I went to bed and it didn’t give me enough time. Enough time for what I’m unsure. I guess enough time to mope in the Sunday blues.

But I went, it wasn’t easy to leave my comfortable routine that wasn’t very cheery.

The sound bath was relaxing and gave me the same feeling as hiking. All I could do was focus on the sound and let go. It was 90 minutes of no worries.

And my Monday was less stressful, I was working with my team instead of insisting to do everything myself and I enjoyed my day, at work- which was my original worry.

I’d highly recommend a sound bath or whatever takes you to your calm place. And stepping out of the house, it’s ok to change a routine that’s not working


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