Peeled off labels on water bottles filled to the rim with Vodka, so covert

Sour watermelon vodka filled beer pong cups, never admitted as a newbie mistake

Kegs and green dyed eggs, so festive

Pretty in Pink is too cliche for you

Black is all the colors mixed together, the best color, the color of invisibility

Unfinished Spanish tapas eaten with sangria hidden in your “pop cup” so friendly now

The Dutch Road painting is so grey, and muddy, and perfect- “you’re drawn to darkness aren’t you”

If I leave it will be different, nothing will have to be the same

No crashing cars on diagonal streets, no car at all

More tattoos, better tattoos, in a better space, with better drugs, and better music

Getting lost in space, letting my insecurities get profitted upon

Not much has changed in my efforts to break the rules

Except defiance kept me like everyone else, and letting go makes me smartly unique

#poems #wordporn #mentalhealth #sobriety #college #alcohol #sober #depression #anxiety #move #mountains #nature #life


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