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I had a chip on my shoulder Everyone else was to blame So I made changes, sprung into action I changed jobs I fled cities Friends were replaced Hobbies made a new An attempt to escape winter I hated ice and wearing gloves Loud talkers and babies screaming, Mondays or maybe all days, complainers and… Continue reading Winter


Following the plan

Meeting the criteria With daily "socialization" And shrink appointments And I'm eating But that's never been an issue And I'm not using Not a single thing to numb out Was I me when I did that crazy thing Or am I me when I'm exhausted And nothing is exciting Not even a little like it… Continue reading Following the plan

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Drawn in to the shadow Drawn away from the sparks of light Away from the crowd Away from the sound Towards the despair in my head Towards crawling into bed Through the fog Through the sedated confusion Up from the floor Up from the next hit, too high now Time to come down Time to… Continue reading Drawn