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I've great plans- for the world one day Is that a question, or another symptom Add it to the list, it's ongoing I gotta get this energy out, some how Is my thought process garbled Should I be more mainstream Routine is the idle fix That is soul maddening I've got the energy But not… Continue reading Okay

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Drawn in to the shadow Drawn away from the sparks of light Away from the crowd Away from the sound Towards the despair in my head Towards crawling into bed Through the fog Through the sedated confusion Up from the floor Up from the next hit, too high now Time to come down Time to… Continue reading Drawn

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Why are some better at math than others?

I'll start off by saying I'm the worst at math.. I used to wonder how it came so easy to others and I had to really work for it. I was always in remedial classes and I still had to study a lot. It's that way with health too. Some people lose weight easily and… Continue reading Why are some better at math than others?